Beautiful Dough Bowls  or Huge Salad Bowls  big enough for the whole party!
JP's Gems: Page1  Totally safe/useable finish !!! The bowls below are typical examples of why the "JP'sGems" are the most beautiful bowls that I sell. To be a "Gem" they have to have beautiful coloring and grain, and character that begs you to "Look at Me !!!" I offer these bowls for your consideration and am proud of each one. All of these bowls have a finish that would be considered a Satin at best. They have been buffed with two different kinds of abrasive powder then Highly polished with PURE CARNUBA --- totally safe.    


The bowls appear to be the same size in the pictures - but please "click" on any you are interested in to read the description of each. They may vary greatly in length/width/depth. ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE AS ACCURATE AS i CAN GET THEM !!!

     JP'sGems Page 1 ... These Bowls Are For Sale NOW !!!  Pictures DO NOT do them Justice.

CClick picture for close up view and more views of the bowl - including measurements!

      JP'Gems 1H $


  JP'sGems-1A    Montana Bound !!!



               JP'sGems-1B Going To Montana !!!

                        JP'sGems-1C Big Bowl !  $225           


JP'sGems-1D Maryland's Elizabeth!




          JP'sGems-1E $225




                   JP'sGems-1F Delaware


 JP'sGems-1G Going To Utah !!!




 JP'sGems-1H Frisco, Texas Bound !




            JP'sGems-1i   n/a