Welcome  to All bowls are handmade (not turned on a lathe). I make biscuit & bread bowls for mixing dough and salad bowls big enough for the whole party! I offer a wide variety of handmade wooden bowls, are all handmade by me - here in the USA.

                 My KitchenSticks are a "great gift" for those that are hard to buy for!

       Thank you folks for your interest in my Handmade Wooden Bowls and KitchenSticks !!!

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                          I get up at 1:30am to go to work , so I go to bed with the Chickens.


                                       Beautiful Bowls for 30 YEARS ... 1988 - 2018  

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  For over 30 years I've made bowls like "Grandma used to have" and in that time have placed bowls into the hands of folks who shared that same desire to have one. I've performed my craft, demonstrating how they're made - in front of millions - both in person and on TV. I am thankful to have been touched by so many people along the way, and to have had them come from all over the USA to the NC State Fair (when I was part of it for 10 years), and now to my show building in Wentworth, NC to meet me and buy Bowls, KitchenSticks, Walking Sticks and Cutting Boards.

I added another Video ...

WUNC-TV's Jeff Smith came over and shot a short piece about my bowl making.

Thank You for making my bowls so popular!   

  WUNC-TV Video - click the Picture.

      WRAL-TV Video - click the Picture.

Thumbnail KitchenStick Video click here.

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  Enjoy your visit, and please come back soon! ... James P Madren - "The Dough-Bowl Maker"