Welcome  to All bowls were handmade (not turned on a lathe) biscuit or bread bowls for mixing dough, salad bowls big enough for the whole party! I offered a wide variety of hand carved bowls, and were handmade by me - here in the USA. I never try to cover over the fact that they're handmade.

My KitchenSticks are a "great gift" for those that are hard to buy for!

                LOWER PRICING as of 2015 !!!  See the NEWS page for more.

                              Thank you folks for your interest in my bowls and KitchenSticks !!!

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            >>>>  Due to health issues - I am no longer able to offer bowls on-line for sale <<<< 



 Even though I have not sold a bowl on-line since Black Friday of 2012 this is still the  #1 website on the 'net - most days,  for "handmade wooden bowls".

                    Beautiful Bowls for 28 YEARS ... 1988 - 2016  

                          Check out my News Page to see what's going on.

  For 27 years I made and sold bowls like "Grandma used to have". Since 1988 I placed bowls into the hands of between 14-1500 folks who wanted and shared that same desire and performed my craft - demonstrating how they're made in front of millions - both in person and on TV.

Thank You for making my bowls so popular!   

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  Enjoy your visit, and please come back soon! ... James P Madren - "The Dough-Bowl Maker"